ew 300 G4

The most flexible solution for Business and Education

The evolution wireless microphone series has established itself as the worldwide industry standard. With ew 300 G4, Sennheiser yet raises the bar of known quality one more time by offering even higher flexibility and optimized support for digital workflows.

A multipurpose tool for all applications

ew 300 G4 is the perfect multipurpose tool for any scenario with its wide range of possible applications and its broad product portfolio.

Flexible applicability

Thanks to its great sound, reliable RF transmission and robust devices combined with the right accessories, ew 300 G4 is probably the most flexible wireless microphone system available. You can rely on it in any situation, in any application, in any location. It covers all professional audio demands and suits perfectly for any speech, lecture, conference, moderation or live performance on stage.

Broad UHF frequency range

Extending the known reliability and robust RF performance of the evolution wireless microphone family, ew 300 G4 now offers with up to 88 MHz an even increased switching bandwidth for easier channel setup. Eleven frequency variants between 470 and 865 MHz cover globally local regulatory specifics for flexible setups – be it mobile microphone usage or installed.

Broad UHF frequency range

Multi-channel operation

evolution wireless is known for its outstanding performance in multi-channel operation. With switchable transmission power of up to 50 mW and the increased switching bandwidth of up to 88 MHz, ew 300 G4 covers all kinds of multi-channel setups for any kind of event indoors or outdoors. Together with the broad range of antenna components, even huge setups can be organized and optimized in a snap.

Multi-channel operation

Remote controllability

For optimal operation of even large scaled setups, the entire ew 300 G4 system is remote controllable with Sennheiser’s state-of the-art software solutions. For installed setups, the Sennheiser Control Cockpit Software is the ideal tool for easy handling, campus wide control and maintenance of the entire ew 300 G4 system, while for mobile and stage applications Sennheiser's Wireless Systems Manager is the best choice.

Remote controllability

The ew 300 G4 system

The ew 300 G4 system comprises of outstanding components and has now been optimized in its fourth generation. The ew 300 G4 system is available in three kinds of sets:

• Handheld Set featuring the MME 865 condenser capsule,
• Lavalier Set featuring the ME 2 condenser lavalier microphone,
• Headmic Set featuring the outstanding SL Headmic 1 headworn microphone.

Handheld and bodyback transmitter as well as the stationary receiver are also available as single components for individual configuration of your desire. The charging and antenna components round out the ew 300 G4 portfolio to provide best performance in operation and reliability in any application.

evolution wireless G4


Thanks to remote control and monitoring with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software, G4 is the most versatile microphone series for business and education applications. ew 300 G4 meets the real-life requirements of universities, schools and colleges with reliable, future-proof solutions. All products are to 100% focused on ease of operation for a multitude of users.


With its speech optimized, sturdy microphone capsules, ew 300 G4 offers highly flexible solutions with great sound quality and utmost reliability in any kind of presentation. Thanks to remote control and monitoring with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software, G4 is the most versatile microphone series for business and education applications.

Live Sound

From the small stage to the big arena, the 100 series covers everything musicians and performers need to connect with their audience, including quick synchronization of up to 12 channels. The 500 series impresses even the most critical professionals in multi-channel applications with a bandwidth of up to 88 MHz.

Broadcast & Film

Specially developed for mobile journalism, the 100 series is the industry standard and is used whenever everything has to be quickly and reliably captured in one take. Thanks to its high bandwidth, the completely new 500 series provides reliable transmission for large film shoots.

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