Upgrade your sound

You’re ready to level up and we see you. Recent years present challenges requiring great
passion and patience from all artists and creators. As the world’s venues reopen and
audiences are able to gather once again, let’s craft a revolutionary listening and sound
experience, transferring that magic straight to your listeners.

The precision of German engineering carries through our entire product portfolio, so that you may rely on the best sound quality, no matter your needs. We believe you can only inspire your audience when you’re inspired too. Transfer the magic of your own creative expression directly to your audience, so you’re in that moment together. Add realism and presence to your audio and creative process without delay. Balance your levels and find flexibility in our catalog of products for filmmakers, home studio artists, musicians, podcasters and vocalists.


Versatile sound for recording, performing and monitoring a musician’s needs. Enhance your workflow today with a variety of options designed for artists seeking something more in their delivery. Featuring in-ear monitoring solutions, microphones for cabs, drums, voice and more – our products are designed to distinguish you and your compositions.


Filmmaking as a professional or for leisure requires a bit more these days. In order for your sound to match your visuals, we developed a special range of filmmaking tools to suit all of your needs throughout your shoot. Grab your headphones for level monitoring and your on-camera shotgun mics all in one place. 

Home Studio

Maximize your home studio space with our world renowned microphones and headphones to take any project to the next level without hesitation. High-resolution recordings are achieved with the proper tools to provide everyone involved with a confident quality and will compensate for varying room acoustics.


Our podcasting solutions are designed to enhance your quality without overcomplicating your flow. Achieve the clear, linear sound you desire as they tune in. With our range of podcasting products like on-camera microphones, professional headphones and condensor mics, we’re certain that we have something to suit your needs.


Take things up a notch (or three) with our professional range of products designed to provide clarity and reliable speech and vocal delivery. Emotions radiate through balanced and clean tones whether it's speaking or singing through a directional clip-on mic, dynamic cardioid mic, or condensor mic. Seek the finest and most authentic result when upgrading your approach to amplify your voice.

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