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Drawing on years of experience working with the users of large scale wireless systems, the software is designed to provide a simple, stable and information-rich monitoring solution, allowing for rapid analysis and fault-finding in demanding live environments.
It is configured to integrate easily with existing hardware and infrastructure, with the vast majority of interactions suited to touch-screen interaction.

  • Wireless receivers supported: EM1046, EM3732, EM3532

  • Parameters monitored: RF A/B, AF, Diversity, Squelch level and status, Transmitter battery level (where implemented), Receiver name (where implemented).

  • Parameter history: depending on screen size, the last 2-4 minutes of RF and AF data for each channel can be displayed.

  • Number of receivers monitored: only limited by screen size – the display is scalable, and there are three different sizes of receiver display available, depending on the level of detail needed. More than a hundred channels are possible in most situations.

  • Networking: Receiver information is re-broadcast over Ethernet, allowing an arbitrary number of slave computers to display the information; there is also a chat facility between these stations.

  • Audio monitoring: Software can be configured to broadcast information over serial and Telnet to integrate audio monitoring solutions.

  • Customisation: Each receiver can have a long and short name, notes, and an associated photo displayed in the history view.

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