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The MobileConnect App allows easy access to all of your MobileConnect audio streams. Users simply install the free app, choose their desired channel and start streaming real-time audio in premium audio quality.
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As one of the three main components of MobileConnect, the MobileConnect App works as the receiver for all of your MobileConnect audio streams. Its clean and appealing design makes it easy to use for everyone and thanks to the screen reader support for both iOS and Android it can also be used by visually impaired and blind people. As people have different hearing preferences and needs, we have implemented the so-called Personal Hearing Assistant, which allows for adjusting the sound and also enhances speech intelligibility.
As many Bluetooth devices still introduce additional audio delay, we recommend using wired hearing devices or connecting an induction neck loop to the phone.
The app is free of charge and does not contain any advertisement and we take data privacy of our users and customers very seriously. This starts at protecting access to streaming channels by QR and PIN code and ends at limiting data tracking to an absolute minimum.

Download (iOS): Link

Download (Android): Link

  • Assistive and personal listening over WiFi

  • Premium audio quality anywhere in the room

  • Lip sync live audio streaming

  • BYOD: Audio streaming to your iOS & Android device

  • Hygienic usage thanks to BYOD

  • Screen reader support for visually impaired people

  • Personal Hearing Assistant for a customized hearing experience

  • Channel list with search function

  • QR-Code Scanner for accessing streaming channels

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