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Artist Spotlight: Marc Sway
Born 1979 in Switzerland in a bilingual and multicultural family. His mother a dancing teacher and percussionist from Brasil – his father a rock-pop- and soul vocalist from Switzerland.
• 16 Years old Marc Sway performed 1995 first time at Montreux Jazz Festival
• 1996 Winner of Talent Contest
• 2002 Record Company BMG Germany signed
• 2003 Debut album „Marc’s Way“ entered topten in German album charts
• 2003 Tour Germany & Switzerland
• 2006 Composing and performing Swiss Olympic Song for Olympic Games Torino 2006
• 2007 Composing and performing „Hemmigslos Liebe“ for the winner of the TV show „Musicstar“
• 2008 Release album „One Way“ & Tour with more than 100 live concerts in Switzerland
• 2008 Tour Highlight: Moon & Stars Locarno
• 2009 Nomination for Swiss Music Award in categorie „Best Song“ with „Severina“
• 2010 Release album „Tuesday Songs“, 100 Live Shows in Switzerland, Golden Record
• 2010 Performing Montreux Jazz Festival as guest star vocalist
• 2012 Release album „Soul Circus“
• 2013 Coach Voice of Switzerland first edition
• 2013 Tribute/ Memorial „Funky Claude“ for Montreux Jazz Festival
• 2013 Touring with „Soul Circus“
• 2014 Coach Voice of Switzerland second edition
• 2014 Official Song “I can see the World” for the Swiss National Football Team at the World
Football Championships in Brazil. Performing Brazilian Songs during the Championships at the TV Studio Switzerland
• 2015 Release Album “Black & White”
• 2016 Swiss culture ambassador for the Olympic Games in Rio
• 2018 Top 5 Bligg feat. Marc Sway, Single “Us Mänsch”, Golden Record
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